Diploma options:

  1. Standard diploma from Spaulding High School (26 credits)
  2. Standard diploma from Rochester School District’s Bud Carlson Academy (20 credits)
  3. Standard diploma from Strafford Learning Center (20 credits) Strafford Learning Center diploma requirements are:

Required Subjects


Arts education

½ credit

Information and communications technologies

½ credit or demonstrate proficiency


4 credits


3 credits, including algebra credit that can be earned through a sequential, integrated, or applied program

Physical Sciences

1 credit

Biological Sciences

1 credit

US and NH History

1 credit


½ credit

World history, global studies, or geography

½ credit

Health Education

½ credit

Physical Education

1 credit

Open Electives

6 credits


20 credits

High school credits will be earned through the following pathways:

  • Courses at Rochester Learning Academy,  taught by certified staff
  • Courses at Rochester Learning Academy, taught by RLA staff in consultation with certified content teacher at Spaulding High School
  • Extended Learning Opportunities with consultation and guidance from certified staff
  • Courses at Spaulding High School (primarily elective or specialized classes)
  • Courses through Virtual Learning Academy Charter School (VLACS)