Do You Know Your Students?

Sometimes it can be hard to remember all the personal information that your students hare with you each day on top of their academic progress and things that other professionals share about an individual.  

One thing I do to try to remember personal things that students share is to pick a couple students each night and try remembering everything I can about them- what are their successes and weaknesses? How many siblings do they have? Which town do they live in? What do they do on the weekend for fun? What’s their favorite food? Anything that can help me be more attuned to them.  

At first, I thought I was only helping myself with this exercise, but then I started seeing the students’ eyes light up when I asked about their little brother, or when I brought in their favorite snack to share. My relationships with students is more meaningful now than ever before thanks to a few moments each evening.  

AB selfie for website Amanda Bisnett, COA School Counselor