Celebrating 50 Years as Leaders in Educational Equity!

Originally formed in 1973 as a diagnostic and testing center, Strafford Learning Center quickly became recognized as a hub for providing services to students with disabilities. Related services provided within public schools were added to the menu of offerings and eventually Strafford Learning Center created center-based, regional programs for students who were not finding success in their local home school.

Strafford Learning Center is celebrating its 50th year as a leader in the area of education. It continues to be responsive to needs of area school districts by providing services to approximately 1,000 students. What started as an idea brought forward by one parent, to supplement her child's learning, has endured over time to become a valuable resource that local school districts can count on. Carrying on this tradition of excellence and continuous growth, Strafford Learning Center’s current mission is to be “leaders in educational equity."