Located adjacent to Charles Ott Academy in the Canal Street Mill, the ELO Hub is a transition service designed to augment the educational programming for students who could benefit from a unique learning pathway. This service is offered in half day sessions, 8:15-11:15 and 11:15-2:15.  As an extension of the sending district’s efforts to provide rich educational offerings for those students in need, the ELO Hub works to ensure students are earning credit in core academic requirements as defined by their sending school.

The ELO Hub accepts students who may have fallen into the “at-risk” category of academic failure and may be behind in credit completion. Typically, students at the ELO Hub have struggled with many factors including, length of school day, large academic environments, and difficulty engaging in course content and delivery.

Upon enrollment, the ELO Hub will work with a student to plan a customized course of study based on student interest and credit needs.  ELOs address one or more content specific subject areas and are addressed through targeted competency completion.  Students in the ELO Hub have available to them community-based internships, work based study, job shadows, site based visits and online instruction.  Additionally, transition service could often include college visits, guest speakers and career interest surveys. Each ELO concludes with a culminating project which is presented to family, friends, staff, community partner and sending school. 

The ELO Hub provides regular progress updates to sending school districts that can include data related to behavior, attendance, community partner connections, progress monitoring of IEP goals, academic progress, and other data needs defined by the sending school district.

The ELO Hub is flexible and willing to think outside the box to help students reach their potential! Please Contact Us if you would like to know more.