How Was Your Day?


One of the simplest and best ways to communicate with your teen at home is to find five to ten minutes to ask them some questions about themselves. How was your day? What is one thing that you learned? This doesn’t have to be done at the kitchen table. It can be simple as pausing the television during commercials (you know the ones you’ve heard a thousand times and can quote in their entirety), and asking your teen to teach you something new about what their learning at school. Asking your teen about their day will allow them to reflect on their day; it will give them a chance to process the events, and they will have a chance to store those events into memories during sleep. It might help you and your teen learn something new--perhaps about each other.

At Charles Ott Academy, we seek to give your student a different experience--one that is hands-on, comprehensive, and unique with real-world application. We focus on your child in the holistic sense; we care about their development academically and socially. They are growing so much every single day. Communicating with your teen can also increase communication between you and staff. The information you provide about your child gives them the best chance to succeed at our one-room school house. It will also help us inform our instruction here at COA.  How can we both help your student meet their goals? We’re all ears.

“One of the sincerest forms of respect is actually listening to what others have to say.” - Anonymous

 KL Thailand Selfie- Kourtney Lipka, COA Humanities Teacher