Referral Process

The ELO Hub is a service used by school districts in a couple of ways, therefore the process is slightly different depending on needs. One way districts use the ELO Hub is to support students through their individualized education plan as a transition service.  School districts who use the ELO Hub to support special education services will use the special education process to determine how the ELO Hub could help support the student and their IEP. The LEA would contact the ELO Hub and set up a time for the team to meet and discuss services.  

School Districts may choose to use the ELO Hub as a service for those students who would benefit from a different learning enviornment and who have a 504 plan or no plan at all.  We will ask for a meeting with the family and school disctrict to make sure that the service is aligned to student needs and is part of a comprehensive plan for the student.  Students referred to the ELO Hub who are not identified for special education services find success through the smaller learning environment, the self-directed learning and personalized teaching, and an overall focus on rengaging in the school experience.  This focus has proved successful for those at risk for dropping out, have generalized anxiety, or who have to gain ground after life gets them off track. The ELO Hub works hard to support school districts in their effort to provide a high quality education for every student.

For specific questions please contact us or Strafford Learning Center and we would be happy to help you.