GB GraduationThe Charles Ott Academy (COA) is a NH Department of Education approved special education program serving students with disabilities in grades 8-12.  Students are referred to the program through their home school districts.  Located in the historic mills in Somersworth NH, the program operates in two sessions, 8:00-11:00 and 11:00-2:00. Enrollment is capped at 8 students per session, making our school uniquely suited for students needing a small school setting.  We serve students with identified disabilities in the areas of SLI, OHI, ED, and SLD.

Because we are a small school, we are able to personalize a student’s programming.  TABS (Transition, Academic, Behavior, Social Emotional Learning) is a four part approach COA takes in targeting individual needs. COA is designed to meet every student where they’re at. Each student meets with the school counselor and sets goals related to these four areas.  Some students seek college, most come to us needing credits through specialized instruction, some need to develop social skills, while others need to know how to become independent adults.  We customize our approach for each student and work with the team to target their needs in a way that makes sense and gets results. 

COA specializes in Project Based Learning.  Students show dramatic levels of on-task behavior and improved learning outcomes when what they're learning connects to real world problems.  As a competency based school, content areas relate to one another and assesments are relevant to life beyond high school.  We believe learning is best when students are moving and using their hands whenever possible.  Math is woven in with science in a meaningful way and not taught as an isolated class.  COA recognizes that students often have experience retaking classes and have learned to disengage from school.  By focusing on college and career readiness, COA helps students make connections and personalize their pathway as they transition from students in a school system to independent adults.  

Although we specialize in student engagement through dynamic curriculum, instruction, and assessment, everyone here would tell you that what we do is not who we are. We are a school of caring people who value relationships and communication above all else. We take pride in our school and new students are welcomed with open arms.  Please contact us if you would like to take a tour or speak with us about how COA could help your student can find the success they have been looking for.