Preschool Education Program News

PEP Promethean Board


When returning from the summer, classroom staff and students were excited to find that the Oyster River School District had installed Promethean Boards in each of our Strafford Learning Center PEP classrooms. With the support of Celeste Best, Science Teacher at Oyster River High School, staff are off and running with this newest technology.

Funded through an ARRA grant, these boards are being used by teachers to create interactive games which support developing skills in the areas of identifying, matching, categorizing, memorizing, etc.  Children are captivated by the cause and effect aspects and are quite taken with the experiences provided to them.

We are finding that these interactive whiteboards are yet another way that we are able to engage the district’s youngest learners.

Community Playground Build

On two hot September days, a call for help was answered loudly by Strafford Learning Center and Oyster River staff, parents, students, and community members as a new playground was built for children at the Pre-school Education Program (PEP).  Local businesses such as the Durham House of Pizza, Durham Marketplace, Mino’s, The Bagelry, Wildcat Pizza, Pizza Spinners, Dunkin’ Donuts and Domino’s provided drinks, pizza, baked goods to keep the workers refreshed and energized.  Learning Structures, Inc., a community built playground company based in Strafford, NH, was hired to design and supervise the construction of a playground by community volunteers. 


Move to Oyster River High School

With the support of the SAU #5 School Board, Leadership Team and the high school administration, faculty and staff, PEP is pleased to announce that the program has been relocated to Oyster River High School.  This move to a permanent space allows for attention and focus on program development and the continued implementation of a developmentally appropriate preschool experience.  In addition, we envision many opportunities for projects that benefit both preschool and high school students which may include: internships, community service hours, support for class projects, and more!

We would like to extend an enormous thank you to all who supported and assisted with this move.