Charles Ott Academy News


As the 2010-2011 school year came to a close, we here at Charles Ott Academy are proud to see our first batch of graduates off into the real world.  

Mike Dupont was kind enough to let us talk a bit more about his path to graduation, and onward as he joins the United States Army.  Mike came to COA in the fall of 2009 - one of the "Original 6" here at the Academy. A student from Farmington, Mike came to us looking for a new start. He was shy and quiet when he first joined us, but his academic skills and hard work were in evidence early on. 



Current Happenings, March 2011

The students at Charles Ott Academy have begun the second semester continuing their work in both Science and English in preparation for the community garden at the mill building.

The science classes have germinated seeds to grow in the community garden, as well as some seeds which we will be growing hydroponically, using the hydroponic growing systems created by our students. The students have worked long and hard on this project, and it is great to see sprouts of green poking up through. Students who are taking biology and/or horticulture are in the process of learning about plant anatomy and function, and they will apply this knowledge while gardening and growing plants hydroponically.


New Year for Charles Ott Academy

The Charles Ott academy has welcomed back a full roster of 16 students for the 2009-2010 school year. We have continued our partnership with the New Hampshire Department of Fish and Game to study the Salmon Falls River. Since November of 2009 COA has been collaborating with the New Hampshire Department of Fish and Game for the purpose of collecting water quality and macro-invertebrate data.