Spotlight on Caroline King

October is National Physical Therapy Month. Strafford Learning Center has five physical therapists providing services to 80+ students at 22 different schools and programs.

This month the spotlight is on Caroline King who has just started her 21st school year with Strafford Learning Center! Caroline is currently serving the districts of Nottingham, Northwood, and Strafford. In her own words, Caroline sums up why she has stayed with this population for so long: "School is the environment where you can affect the most change. Other than their home, it is where children spend the most time." Caroline's effect on so many children over the years has been immense. She goes above and beyond in her role of helping students to access all parts of their learning environment and can often be found out at recess, participating in PE, and navigating the back stairways for one more practice round so that students can stay with their class for transitions through the hallway. Caroline credits the support from Strafford Learning Center with helping her to find ways and resources to allow her to always be working in the best interests of the students on her caseload. Through her focus on obtaining appropriate equipment, modifying and accommodating student's environments, and training to teacher and support staff, Caroline really embodies Strafford Learning Center's endeavor to "support all learners in reaching their highest potential".

Outside of her time in the schools Caroline has quite the green thumb, likes to kayak, and creates beautiful quilts. She is also a proud grandmother to three beautiful little girls!

Caroline King Spotlight






2010 Day of Caring

This past May, members of the Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy teams participated in the Day of Caring.  Below is a letter received thanking them for their hard work!


2009 Day of Caring Photo

The Hodgson Brook Restoration Project is grateful to the volunteers from Liberty Mutual and the Strafford Learning Center who joined forces on May 12th to collect over 2,800 pieces of litter from the banks and waters of Hodgson Brook.

Litter may seem like a small concern but small amounts of contaminants from all over the land add up to cause pollution in the brook. Yes, even the little things matter.  We know that litter which washes into the brook travels downstream eventually ending up in the Piscataqua River. From there it is only a short hop onto our local beaches.

You HAVE made a difference, no matter how small a piece you picked up and because of that Hodgson Brook and all the creatures who want to live there are grateful!