The John Powers School of Strafford Learning Center is an alternative learning environment for students in grades 1-9.  The learning environment at John Powers School provides a highly supportive and structured setting, consistency, and genuine caring for each individual.  We believe that every child can have a meaningful and successful educational experience. To accomplish this, we focus on the intellectual, social, emotional, and creative domains with each and every student. 

As a member of the John Powers School community students will explore and develop creative interests within an integrated curriculum and learn new skills to succeed to the best of their ability.  John Powers School provides services for those students identified as having learning problems due to serious emotional/behavioral disorders, although many of our students also have secondary learning problems characterized by learning disabilities, speech and language impairments, and motor difficulties.

 The overall goals and objectives of the John Powers School are: 

  • to provide individual and group learning experiences helping students improve academic achievement 
  • to create program structures helping students improve self control and use rule-following behaviors 
  • to offer teaching practices improving students' social and interpersonal skills
  • to foster success-oriented experiences contributing to students' improved self esteem 
  • to return students to their community schools in an expedient manner with support services in place 

Components of the John Powers School include:

  • Positive behavioral supports
  • Individualized and small group instruction and assessment
  • Role-playing, practice, and group processing
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Structured positive reinforcement
  • Transition services in home, schools, and within JPS
  • School-wide consistency in program implementation
  • Data-based decision making
  • Certified Therapeutic Crisis Intervention
  • Life Space Interviews to process events