Our Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Assistants provide direct and consultative services to a wide range of students in member and non-member districts. As related service providers, we support students in their educational environment to improve functional independence in daily activities of academics, sensory motor performance, and social skills.

As licensed Occupational Therapists, we work closely with students, families, educational teams, and the medical community. We provide access to the following services:

  • Evaluation of motor development and proficiency, sensory processing, visual perception, and self care skills using a variety of standardized assessments
  • Child Find/Kindergarten Screenings for motor skills
  • Sensory Integration certified evaluations as warranted
  • Direct individual and group therapy for students identified with educational disabilities
  • Consultation services utilizing a team approach with students, parents, and school staff
  • Adaptations of materials and classroom modifications to support students access to the regular curriculum including assistive technology as appropriate
  • Participate in plans for students as they transition from school to vocation and the community
  • In-service education on topics such as: sensory diets, adaptive equipment, assistive technology, handwriting, and specific medical diagnoses as they apply to students with disabilities in the educational setting

As a group, we are committed to providing effective intervention within a therapeutic relationship with each student and their family. That means we care deeply about the children we serve, and they are the best part of what we do at work each day!


Occupational Therapy Referral Process

    • A parent or teacher raises concerns about a student educational performance
    • A team meeting is requested
    • At the meeting, the team discusses the concerns and determines a plan of action in response
    • An educational team that includes the parents hold a plan and permission meeting to discuss whether testing is needed to gain more understanding of how the child is functioning within the academic setting
    • Evaulations are completed within 45 days of parental permission
    • An evaluation summary meeting is held to review all findings
    • Using the information gathered, the team determines whether the child should be identified as a student with a disability
    • If the student is identified as having a disability, the team develops an Individual Education Plan or a Section 504 play and/or the family is referred to community resources
    • Treatment of student and continued progress monitoring of identified goals