Welcome to the Strafford Learning Center Preschool Education Program (PEP) operated for the Oyster River School District.  PEP is an integrated program providing related services such as speech/language therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy within the context of a developmentally appropriate preschool program.  Strafford Learning Center and PEP successfully completed the state onsite approval process this past year and has been re-approved through June 2014.  State guidelines currently hold enrollment in all special education preschool programs to 12 students at any given time.  PEP runs a morning class for 3 year old students, and two afternoon classes for 4 year old students.

In September 2010, PEP was relocated to Oyster River High School with two classrooms and a dedicated preschool bathroom located off of one of the rooms.  A playground specifically designed for preschool aged students, was recently constructed by a team of community volunteers.


The primary purpose of PEP is to provide a special education program for those students of ages 3-5 who have been determined in need of such a program through the special education process.  In addition, some children from the community are also enrolled in the program for a fee.  If you are interested in more information about the enrollment process, please contact Laurie Grant, Program Coordinator, at 692-4411, ext. 14.


PEP utilizes the Creative Curriculum for Preschool (Trister, Dodge, D. et. al. 2002) as a foundation for curriculum decisions.  The Creative Curriculum is a research based curriculum which integrates all areas of development into center based learning experiences.  The Creative Curriculum is used across the country in both regular education and special education programs.

In addition to the Creative Curriculum, elements of other curriculums, such as Everyday Math® and Handwriting without Tears® are also utilized at the preschool level.