Assistive Technology

at wordcloudThe Strafford Learning Center Assistive Technology Team is staffed by a Speech/Language Pathologist and Occupational Therapist both with NH licenses and training in assistive technology. For an annual flat fee, districts can refer students to this team. Further resources are available for an additional fee for students requiring the expertise of a teacher of the deaf or teacher of students with visual impairments.

Consultation: Strafford Learning Center’s Assistive Technology Team offers, quick, low and high technology solutions not readily available to school staff without accessing a costly outside service. Solutions can be provided in the areas of augmentative communication, written expression, adaptive equipment and computer/device accessibility.

Equipment Loan:  Trials of high and low technology solutions increase chances of an appropriate match for students thus improving curriculum access. Supported by ATNH at the University of New Hampshire, Strafford Learning Center has an inventory of technology resources. Through trial, school districts can reduce unnecessary purchases and equipment abandonment. Equipment is available to districts on a short-term loan basis.

Professional Development, Training and Coaching: Strafford Learning Center offers ongoing, on-site support and coaching to teams as they increase their capacity in the area of assistive technology. Workshops are also offered.