North Star negotiates strategies, supports and alternative learning pathways so that referred high school students are successfully engaged in their education, and eventually have a successful transition to adult life.

The projected outcomes include:

  • Increased attendance rates
  • A reduction in out of district placements
  • Increased graduation rates

North Star is built on the premise that student re-engagement requires an individualized, culturally relevant, and strength based approach.

“Deliverables” include:

  • Futures planning
  • Personalized Learning Plan development
  • Job seeking assistance
  • Hi-SET facilitation
  • DALC after school class coordination
  • DALC class support – daily
  • ELO facilitation
  • Ongoing student communication – accessibility to field worker (texting, calling, off hours)
  • Post-grad follow-up
  • Connecting to services (eg., food pantry, medical, etc…)
  • Home visits
  • Family engagement
  • Weekly/regular check-ins
  • Ongoing communication with district
  • Transportation to appointments (as available)
  • Area agency coordination (e.g., counseling, juvenile justice, VR)
  • Consultation – problem solving